Latest features:

  • imports HandyShopper pdb files
  • Items can be assigned to Categories
  • uses Apple's "Files" interface for import/export
  • save/load named lists

ezShopList simplifies shopping by producing a shopping list in the order you shop at a specific store. Lists can be created and edited on the phone or on a PC or Mac using a spreadsheet or text editing program. The data can be shared Phone to iPhone or iPhone to PC or Mac using Dropbox.

App Store Reviews

At Last! *****

by Meerkatdon - Version 1 1.4 - Mar 16 2011 (US App Store)
Ever since moving from Palm to iPhone. I've been searching for a shopping list app as easy, flexible, and complete as HandyShopper. Nothing came remotely close. Finally, here's the app I've been longing for.
Imagine! A shopping list app that understands that eggs are available at a number of different stores, at different prices, and in different aisles. An app that makes it easy to customize your personal list, to add or change items, to select quantities. and to clear your list when you check out.

Best Shopping app for iPhone *****
by UncleRalph Version 1.1.4 - Mar 8, 2011 (US App Store)
I had used Handy Shopper on my Palm for years. I could not find an equivalent app in all the dozens of shopping apps for the iPhone. All them were complicated and bloated software. They were much more difficult than needed for a simple task. EzShopList fits my needs perfectly. It is simple and fast to use. Highly recommended.

Key features:
  • Per store prices
  • Per store location of item
  • Muitiple Databases
  • Finding items is easy; just start typing in the search box and only matching items are listed.
  • Lists can be shared iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to computer by using Dropbox.
  • Tracks number of items to purchase and the total cost per store.
  • Database can be updated using the application on the phone.
  • Database can be updated using a spreadsheet on a computer by exporting/importing to/from Dropbox(exports use csv format).
  • Imports Handyshopper pdb files
  • imports splashshopper.vsh files